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The Prima Mass Effect Guide Contest: Infiltrators

by Prima Games Staff

Barely a week into our Mass Effect guide competition (see details on how to enter here) but already it’s overwhelmingly clear that the most popular Mass Effect class is the Infiltrator.

A mixture of tech and combat talents, Infiltrators are great with sniper rifles and are the only class that can cloak to avoid detection.

If you haven’t played an Infiltrator before or need to brush up your class skills before the release of Mass Effect 3, here are some of the best entries (so far) telling you exactly how to make the most of the skills and talents available for this class.

1. So, you want to be an Infiltrator…

First up, John Birney tells all on how to use your new favorite weapon.

“As an Infiltrator, your best friend is your Sniper Rifle, and your arch enemy: the bad guy’s head. You can unload a massive amount of damage with targeted shots. This may seem difficult, especially with those bad guys refusing to stand still and let you dome them. (Rude, I know).”

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2. Auto-focus Infiltrator

Ammo is a massive consideration in the Mass Effect series. Prima user Skyblade evaluates the best type for the Infiltrator in his guide.

“The rest of your points are for your bonus power. Armor-Piercing ammo is my favorite, offering and incredible damage boost once upgraded to Tungsten Ammo. Some teams like warp ammo, especially on a Biotic heavy team setup or when facing Collectors, who use Barrier.”

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3. Manipulation with Infiltration

Good companion selection can make a tough fight easy, but mess it up and a simple enemy will become invulnerable. Derrek Jensen looks at the best Infiltrator companions to avoid a wipe.

“Personally, I feel Miranda and Garrus contribute the most to the Infiltrator, at least with the strategies used below. Between the trio, they leave an enemy’s protection vulnerable due to multiple heavy hitting biotic and tech powers, not to mention high level versions of them.”

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4. Mass Effect 2: Infiltrator

Looking for an overall review of the Infiltrator? Helix Whiza goes into detail on all the powers and weapons available for the Infiltrator class.

“Incinerate is unlocked at the second rank of Tactical Cloak, and launches a homing bolt of plasma from your omni-tool at the target. It deals damage over a period of 3 seconds, with a large bonus against armour, stops health regeneration during this time and if used properly can be arced around cover to hit hiding enemies.”

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Think you can do better? Then why not enter our Mass Effect guide competition and win a copy of Mass Effect 3, plus a copy of the Mass Effect 3 Prima Official Game Guide Collector’s Edition. And don’t forget to check back next week, when we look at your submissions for the soldier class.

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