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Pokemon X and Y Beginner’s Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for Nintendo’s 3DS.  The sixth generation of Pokemon finally arrived, and with it comes a whole new world to explore and new Pokemon to help you on your journey.  If you just began your adventure, this beginner’s guide will help you become a skilled trainer. 

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Know Your Pokemon

It is vital to familiarize yourself with Pokemon types. Knowing which Pokemon to use against another is a key element in the Pokemon games.  That said, here are the 18 different types of Pokemon: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Ground, Normal, Poison, Steel, Rock, Dragon, Psychic, Ghost, Dark, Bug, Flying, Ice, Fighting and Fairy.  

The Fairy type is the newest.  In fact, Pokemon that were Normal or another type may now be Fairy types, like Clefairy or Jigglypuff.  Some Pokemon may even be dual types, which means they’ll learn moves of both types.  

Pokemon types come with advantages and disadvantages.  Each type is strong or neutral towards some Pokemon, but weak or produce no effect against others.  For example, a Ground type Pokemon like Diglett is strong against Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel and Electric types, but weak against Bug and Grass.  

Taking this a step further, ground-based attacks have no effect on Flying types, while electric attacks have no effect on Ground types. A super effective attack will do two times the damage, while a weaker attack will do half the damage.  

To be a great Pokemon trainer, you will have to learn which types are advantageous against others.  Your first big decision in the game involves deciding which Pokemon you want to begin the adventure with.  In every Pokemon game, you get a choice between a Grass type, Fire type and Water type.  In X and Y, you can choose between Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie.  This Pokemon is usually with you the entire game, and becomes your strongest battle monster, so choose wisely.  

It’s also important to have a good stock of Pokeballs with you to capture new Pokemon; Pokemon are more easily captured when weakened.  

Tip: The Pokedex you receive at the start of your journey displays vitals and types of Pokemon that you have seen and captured.

Explore the World

Pokemon X and Y takes place in Kalos.  When you start the game, you receive a map of this region, and it is important to look at the map, identify routes and how to reach different cities. Thoroughly explore each road as you travel from city to city.  There are many hidden items that you can pick up.  These include new moves for your Pokemon, potions, items to strengthen attacks, items that can help Pokemon evolve and tons more.  

In addition, there are numerous Pokemon for you to catch while on the different roads, caves and oceans that you explore; you must capture these Pokemon to fill the Pokedex.  Keep mind of the secret roads not displayed on the map.  These secret areas house special items or rare Pokemon, so always be on the lookout for new places to see and explore.  

Beyond that, Hidden Machine moves (HMs) will make exploring Kalos easier.  You can teach your Pokemon various HMs, like Surf to travel across water or Cut to take down trees blocking your path.  Sometimes you need an HM move to reach a secret area, which makes backtracking important.

Speak to Everyone

Every person you encounter has something unique to say, from helpful hints on an upcoming battle to what to expect on the next road or in town; entering buildings and talking to everyone will give you valuable information or items.  Many people will give you items to help you on your journey.  Whether it is moves, new Pokeballs, potions, stat boosters and other things, you should always welcome even the slightest bit of help.  

Some people will even give you free Pokemon, while others will seek to trade. This is great for two reasons. First, you may receive a rare Pokemon, and second, Pokemon you acquire via trade level up faster. 

Save Early and Often

As simplistic as it sounds, you always need to remember to save your game.  You only get one save file for each game, and it gets overwritten every time you save, which makes decisions critical.  Saving before Gym leaders, villainous hideouts and legendary Pokemon will give you another chance in case you mess up.  It’s also important to save a lot because the battery on your 3DS may run out. You’ll lose unsaved progress should the battery die.

Battle as Often as Possible

While traveling, you will come across other Pokemon trainers and wild Pokemon.  If you walk across the path of another trainer they will automatically challenge you to a Pokemon battle.  By battling and defeating other Pokemon, your Pokemon gain experience points (EXP).  As your Pokemon gain EXP they level up, learning powerful moves and perhaps evolving into new Pokemon.  

Battling other trainers gives your Pokemon more experience than you’d get battling wild Pokemon.  By battling often, your Pokemon will be stronger for when you visit Pokemon gyms, which you need to beat in order to progress through the game.  Battling also helps you understand Pokemon types and which moves are effective.  This allows you to devise different strategies to employ against certain types, or when you are using different Pokemon.  

The first move in a Pokemon battle is the most critical because it will determine the flow of the battle.  You can poison, paralyze, freeze or put a Pokemon to sleep with the first move, which will alter your opponent’s strategy.  The first attack can even knock a Pokemon out, so it’s critical to know which moves to use in combination or against which Pokemon.  These strategies come with practice.

These are some of the first steps you will take on your Pokemon journey. Later this week, our Advanced Guide will transform you into a Pokemon master. 

Pokemon X & Y are currently available on Nintendo 3DS.

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