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The Wonderful 101 – Operation 006-A & Operation 006-B Collectibles Checklists

by Prima Games Staff

This chart acts as a collectibles checklist for the collectibles in Operations 006-A and 006-B. The following collectibles are tracked by this section: Wonderful Files, GEATHJERK Files, Hero Heart Fragments, Wonderful Figures, and recruitable Wonderful Ones. These items are listed in the order you encounter them:


Operation 006-A Collectibles Checklist


Collectible Description
1. Member No. 48: Wonder-Ice Cream 1. Use Unite Hand on fire to thaw the ice.
2. Member No. 47: Wonder-Ghost 2. Wonder-Circle the second Whip-hook pillar.
3. Member No. 51: Wonder-Rabbit 3. Standing out in the open with civilians.
4. Member No. 57: Wonder-Dancer 4. In the Gatcha.
5. GEATHJERK File No. 25: Koh-Tumeekey 5. Destroy the statue.
6. Figure No. 60: Wonder-Diver 6. Hammer the small island where the statue was.
7. Hero Heart Fragment 7. Trace the symbol with the Wonder-Liner.
8. GEATHJERK File No. 26: Doora 8. Hammer behind the waterfall.
9. Figure No. 23: Wonder-Pirate 9. In the Black Supply Box.  100-Man Unite Ball to reach it.
10. Figure No. 24: Wonder-Armor 10. Wonder-Chain to hidden area. Unite Build the statue.
11. Member No. 56: Wonder-Pixie 11. Standing next to the statue above.
12. Figure No. 69: Wonder-Treasure 12. Kahkoo-regah on Normal.
13. Figure No. 95: Wonder-Plane 13. Kahkoo-regah on Hard.
14. Figure No. 103: Immorta 14. Kahkoo-regah on 101% Hard.
15. Member No. 69: Wonder-Treasure 15. Use the gear obtained from Secret Mission 8 to open the chamber he is in.
16. GEATHJERK File No. 40: Wallgah-Goojin 16. Hammer the center of the room where Mission 7 is.
17. Figure No. 71: Wonder-Sailor 17. In the Red Supply Box.
18. Member No. 91: Wonder-Dynamite 18. Standing on a side platform with civilians.


Operation 006-B Collectibles Checklist


Collectible Description
1. Figure No. 56: Wonder-Pixie 1. Kahkoo-regah on Normal.
2. Figure No. 17: Wonder-Vegetable 2. Kahkoo-regah on Hard.
3. Figure No. 104: Wonder-Red (Emeritus) 3. Kahkoo-regah on 101% Hard.
4. Member No. 25: Wonder-Yeti 4. In the Gatcha.
5. GEATHJERK File No. 27: Kaizor Ohrowchee 5. In the Green Supply Box.
6. Wonderful File No. 16: Arthur Wedgewood 6. Unite Build the statue.
7. Member No. 38: Wonder-Goddess 7. Standing out in the open with civilians.
8. Hero Heart Fragment 8. Trace the trapezoid with the Wonder-Liner.
9. GEATHJERK File No. 46: Chewgi 9. Send a Wonder-Liner to the top of the platform at Mission 6.
10. Wonderful File No. 14 :Wonder-Red (Emeritus) 10. In the Wonderful Toilet.
11. GEATHJERK File No. 28: Surey Doora 11. Send a Wonder-Liner into the statue mouth.
12. Member No. 58: Wonder-Santa 12. Use Unite Hand on fire to thaw the ice blocking the cave.
13. Figure No. 96: Wonder-Mop 13. In the White Supply Box found in the cave above.
14. Wonderful File No. 20: Wonderful Mart 14. Wonder-Circle the crest in the floor.
15. Figure No. 83: Wonder-PC 15. Hammer the crack at the beginning of the wind section.
16. Member No. 54: Wonder-Witch 16. Standing on the right side of the stairs.


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