It was a huge week for Madden NFL 13 out in LA this week with E3 going on. Team Prima featuring ZFarls and SGibs went out to get all the footage, interviews and news you guys can handle. It started out with an exclusive early look at an event for the EA Sports Gamechangers at the ESPN Zone next to the Staples Center. From there, it continued to get better. Here are some video's and posts with the action!

Farls and SGibs squared off in a Madden 13 Rematch edition of Giants Vs Patriots - Who took the early lead in the series between these two hated rivals? Click here for more!

Make sure to check out each of these inside looks too:

Madden 13 Physics Interview with Vic Lugo - How will it effect gameplay?

Live Madden 13 Gameplay - Packers Vs Texans

Carolina Panthers Playbook - Triple Option!

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