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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: How to Play

by Prima Games Staff

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, like most LEGO games, is quite different from most other types of video games. In other games, you play from the start to the finish and then you are done. However, in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, you play the game in different modes and not always in a linear manner. This article is written for those new to LEGO games to help you get started and get the most out of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Story Mode

When you first begin a game of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, you are in Story mode. As you take control of Iron Man, Hulk, and later Spider-Man to defeat Abomination and Sandman, you are playing the first of 15 levels. After you complete this level, you earn a Gold Brick for your effort and unlock the ability to play the level again in Free Play mode. In Story mode, you are assigned specific characters for each level. Your main objective in this mode is to complete the level. However, you may also be able to complete a few optional tasks if your characters have the correct abilities. In addition, if you can earn enough studs to achieve True Believer, you earn an additional Gold Brick.

Free Play Mode

Once you complete a level in Story mode, and have completed the first three levels, you can then go back into the level in Free Play mode. Unlike in Story mode, Free Play mode allows you to use any of the characters you have collected so far—not just the characters assigned to that mission. This allows you to bring in characters with different abilities so you can collect all ten minikits in each mission and rescue Stan Lee who is in peril. During Free Play, your objective is to complete these tasks so you can earn a couple more Gold Bricks.

Hub Missions

After completing the third mission in Story mode, you can begin to explore Manhattan. This allows you to access some of the hub missions. There are four available at the start. The remaining seven hub missions require that you have a minimum number of Gold Bricks in your collection—anywhere from 50 to 200 of these bricks. Once you enter a building or location for a hub mission, you play a small level where you have to complete an objective. As a reward you unlock two or three characters and can earn Gold Bricks for completion and True Believer. You also unlock the hub mission for Free Play mode. Go back and complete the mission again. This time, bring in different heroes so you can rescue Stan Lee, find a character token, and collect a Deadpool brick. The Stan Lee in Peril gets you another Gold Brick and the Deadpool brick unlocks some unique cheat-like features. Check out a later article for more information on the Deadpool bricks.

Exploring Manhattan

In addition to playing the 15 levels and 11 hub missions, there are a number of missions and races which you can complete while exploring the large city known as Manhattan. Not all races and missions are available right at the start. Instead, as you collect Gold Bricks and complete other missions and races, new missions and races become available. You can earn Gold Bricks as well as character and vehicle tokens by doing these tasks. The best way to find them is to drive or fly around Manhattan and look for icons on the mini map. Don’t forget to explore the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. There are some missions on it as well. Plus this is your base where you can customize characters and activate those Deadpool bricks.

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