Achieving the vaunted 100% Completion in any LEGO game is tough. It is not any easier in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Check out the following tips to help you get started towards this goal.

Complete Story Mode

You begin the game in Story mode. As you play through the 15 levels, you unlock several new characters which add a variety of powers and abilities to your collection. Even though you may be tempted to spend time exploring Manhattan to find other collectibles, it is much easier to do this once you have completed all 15 story mode levels. By the time you get to the end of the Story mode, you should have most of the characters you need to complete Free Play mode.

Collect Deadpool Bricks with Stud Multipliers

Deadpool has hidden several of his bricks around Manhattan. Some of these have the ability to multiply the studs you collect so that every time you pick up a stud, it is worth many times the normal value for that stud. By getting these stud multiplier bricks, it is easier to get the True Believer award (and its gold brick reward) for each level and to amass lots of studs so you can purchase new characters which you have unlocked. Once you have unlocked a character with telekinesis, such as Jean Grey, head for the Daily Bugle the play the hub mission there. You can find the “Stud x 4” Deadpool brick there. Then go back to Deadpool’s room on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to purchase it. Activate it and you will quadruple your stud collection.

Master Free Play Mode

After you complete a level in Story mode, you then unlock that mode in Free Play. That means you can play that level again. However, in Free Play mode, you can use any of the characters you have unlocked and collected—not just the initial characters that go with that mission. You will need these additional characters in order to get all of the minikits in the levels as well as rescue the Stan Lees in Peril. The hub missions can also be played in Free Play mode as well after you complete them in Story mode.

Collect the Gold Bricks

Gold bricks are necessary to unlock most of the hub missions as well as some of the quests and collectibles. You earn gold bricks by completing missions in Story mode, saving Stan Lees in Peril, collecting all ten minikits in a level, achieving True Believer in the missions, and by completing races.

Explore Manhattan

Manhattan is a huge city and there is lots to do. Explore the city and complete quests and tasks in order to unlock characters and vehicles as well as earn gold bricks. In most cases, you need to find character or vehicle tokens, then purchase the characters or vehicles in order to add them to your collection and begin using them

100% Completion Requirements

Here are the requirements to get 100% Completion in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

  • Complete all 15 levels in Story and Free Play modes.
  • Complete all 11 hub missions in Story and Free Play modes.
  • Achieve “True Believer” for all levels and hub missions.
  • Collect all 150 minikits.
  • Collect all 250 Gold Bricks.
  • Collect all 11 Deadpool bricks.
  • Save all 50 Stan Lee in Perils
  • Unlock and collect all 153 characters in the game.
  • Unlock and collect all 40 vehicles in the game.

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