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How to Take Out the Major Enemies of BioShock

by Prima Games Staff

Columbia is a beautiful and dangerous place. Comstock is determined to prevent the prophecy of the False Shepherd from coming true. He has assisted in the creation of the torturous creatures that haunt Columbia.


The Firemen are trapped. Forced into an iron shell that is constantly burning by Comstock as punishment for their sins, they are forever surrounded by fire. They are literally trapped for eternity in their own personal hell. Firemen use the Devil’s Kiss Vigor that allows them to harness the fire around them and project it out which spreads over an area.

In order to defeat a Fireman, you must be prepared to dodge and fun from his fireballs. Continue to aim for his ahead while dodging to wear him down. Once a Fireman is low on health, he decides to end his own life. He will charge at Booker with the purpose of blowing them both to hell. Shoot him while he is charging to slow him down. He may seem difficult in the beginning but using the shotgun later in the game will work. Also, use the Bucking Bronco vigor to suspend him in the air and shoot him. That way he will not be able to charge.


As a dedicated follower of the memory of Lady Comstock, the Zealot of the Lady is forced to carry a coffin on his back as a punishment for not being able to stop her murder. He is also a member of the Fraternity of the Raven. This heavy hitter uses the Murder of Crow vigor to attack.

The Zealot has the ability to turn into a flock of crows and maneuver around the area. Do not attack him in this form as he is invulnerable. When the Zealot materializes into human form, attack him with your strongest weapon to end this battle quickly. The Devil’s Kiss and Shock Jockey vigors are useful here. Once the pattern of the Zealot is determined, set a trap using those vigors to keep in place long enough to take him out.


Partiality created and fueled by the hate and perception of Elizabeth, the Siren is a twisted form of the memory of Lady Comstock. It is a very powerful poltergeist. She also has the ability to raise the dead. Through strategy, the Siren can be defeated.

While the Siren is very powerful, it is the soldiers that she reanimates that are the real threat so always be prepared with ammo and vigors to take them out. When the Siren is in the process of raising the dead, this is when she is most vulnerable. Attack her with the strongest weapon possible (and any weapon that deals fire). Vigors will not halt her, but use the Devil’s Kiss to deal maximum damage.


The Boys of Silence are forced into being security for Comstock at Comstock’s House. The boys are born blind and have enhanced hearing abilities used to detect intruders. The boys will not attack attack directly, but will send the inhabitants of Comstock House to attack you, normally in large groups.

The Boys of Silence cannot be killed. The moment you attempt to attack them, they sound the alarm and disappear. The only way to beat the Boys of Silence is to avoid them. The boys scan the area with a light to detect enemies. Find a place behind cover and watch the pattern of the boy scanning the area. Once you have learned the pattern, simply sneak by the boy. Do not worry about the minions in the area. Besides being creepy, they will not attack you.


A twisted automaton of Comstock’s psychotic view on history, The Motorized Patriots are a powerful robotic enemy that closely resemble the founders of our country that are worshipped in Columbia. They commonly appear as George Washington but have also been known to resemble Abraham Lincoln and others.

The patriots are slow yet very powerful. A direct assault will surely result in death. The patriots use a crank gun that has the ability to rip anything to shreds. Avoid this weapon by dodging and running away from the attack. It may seem promising to use the Possession vigor to turn this powerhouse into an ally but the effects of the vigor wear off quickly, Instead short circuit this machine by using the Shock Jockey vigor. The vigor will cause the patriot to stop in place. Maneuver around the patriot and shoot it in the back to take it out quickly.


The Handyman goes from sympathetic creature to a serous threat. The Handyman is a cyborg. Once a very sick and ill man, his body parts are replaced by machines that has turned him into what he is. The only humanity that remains is a head made of flesh and bone and a heart. The heart may continue to beat, but the soul has vanished.

The Handyman is one of the most powerful enemies in the game as a couple of hits can result in death. He can also ascend to the skyline and charge it with electricity. The best course of action is to choose a powerful weapon and be prepared to dodge when he charges. The Handyman’s weakest part is his heart, so always aim for that. Use a charged version of Murder of Crows to distract him and attack his heart to eliminate him.

Now armed with more knowledge and strategy, we hope you night find the the world of Columbia just a little less treacherous.

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