One of the great things about Grand Theft Auto V is that you can get your hands on some sweet, powerful rides. From sports cars to tow trucks, you'll be able to get around town with ease. Plus, any vehicles you find in the game, you can keep by parking in your garage. Granted, you don't have room for all the rides in the game, but you can save something for later on down the road. You can find out more about vehicles in the game by visiting our Vehicle Guide.

Just owning a ride isn't enough. You have to really make it yours by customizing it however you please. This includes paint modification, buying better parts, and adding stylish things here and there that scream, "This is my ride, not yours!" 

There are a number of ways you can modify a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V, and here are the best tips available when it comes to revving up your ride.

First Off, Make Sure it's Running

The first thing you'll want to make sure of is that your car is up to performance levels. For instance, in a mission where Michael and Franklin are chasing after a yacht on the freeway, their car runs into engine trouble, forcing them to pay a visit to a garage for the first time.

To keep your car running efficiently – provided you don't blow it up first during a mission – pay a visit to any of the garages in town. You'll see them marked on your map, and there's usually one within fairly good distance, unless you happen to be up in the mountains.

The first repair comes free of charge, but after that, you'll need to put down some money to get it running back up to standard. Make sure you have a good amount of cash set aside so you're stuck without your ride. 

That leads us to the next thing garages can do for you…

Let's Upgrade Some Parts

There are a number of parts that you can improve on your vehicle in the game, but the main thing you might want to worry about is engine tuning. This enables you to increase your speed and performance on your vehicle, even if it's something a little larger than the average ride.

Other things can be tweaked and improved upon as well, including your brakes, which help your stopping power; your suspension, which helps your car hold up better after jumps or scrapes; and your tires. Having good wheels is vital if you want to keep your ride running, because if you run into flats, there's only so far you'll get – especially during high speed pursuits.

With that, invest in some higher-end gear, so you can drive away after getting into an altercation. There are some pricey bulletproof tires available, and they're well worth investing in, especially if you've got cops shooting at you at wanted level two or above. Panel armor is also good if you want to keep your car free of bullet holes, though obviously not as important as the tires. Bodywork can always be repaired in the shop.

Finally, if you want to really style up your vehicle, try changing out your horn. You'll start with your basic "honk honk" variety, but you'll soon have different options available. We're trying to locate the one that plays a little song – you know, like on those custom yachts – and we're pretty sure one shop around the city has one somewhere…

The Appearance Is Important, Too

Performance isn't everything with your car. You'll want to go for a design that really stands out from the typical colored vehicles on the streets. So, stop in to a custom shop, like Los Santos Customs, and get your upgrade on.

You'll need a good amount of cash for these jobs, but you get what you pay for as your dream car comes together.

To start off, you've got body kits, which provide modifications to your ride to make them look sportier. You might want to save these for the cars that need it – like the basic-end SUV's – because why ruin a perfectly good sports car?

From there, you can tweak colors and designs on your cars through paint jobs and finishes, exhaust tips, window tints – which are convenient when you're trying to hide from cops – and bull-bars. You can add extra lights as well, which come in handy if you're in the middle of an evening pursuit.

Wheels can also be modified in their own special way. Along with the aforementioned bulletproof tires, you can get new rims, tire styles, and other little touches, so that they spin even when you're standing still. If you prefer the old muscle car variety that just sit there, relax – they're here, too.

Best of all, once you're done modifying your car, you can share it with members of your Social Club by snapping a picture of it and seeing what they think. Imagine coming up with a cherry sports car with an Iron Man-style paint finish. Yep, you can make it happen – and even add a Hulk vehicle for good measure.

Time For a Custom Order

Finally, if you want to put together your ideal car without actually wasting time in the game to do so, simply download the iFruit app and head over to the Los Santos Customs page.

Here, you'll be able to drop some cash and create your ride through the convenience of your mobile device, choosing everything from paint jobs to other custom parts. Best of all, you can place your order and have your car ready to go the next time you enter the game. Simply watch out for the phone call and then go pick up your ride.

There are thousands upon thousands of options you can tweak on vehicles in the game, so go wild. If you should run out of money, hey, use our earning guide and go get more. Getting the ultimate car couldn't be easier.


Grand Theft Auto V is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Be sure to check out our extensive GTA V coverage in our Free Guide!