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Grand Theft Auto Online Achievement Hunter

by Prima Games Staff

We covered Grand Theft Auto 5′s general Achievements and Trophies in a previous Achievement Hunter article, but we wanted to revisit the Online portion of the game, as there are several here that you can tack on to your profile with ease, provided that you’re devoted enough to get some of these jobs done.

We’ve found 17 Achievements and Trophies you can unlock in Rockstar’s online world. Some come from completing certain events; others task you with doing nearly impossible things, like staying alive after a bounty has been put on your head. We’ve categorized these between easy and hard, and even provided a tip or two to help you add these to your collection.

Without further ado, let’s Achieve!

Off the Plane: Complete the Introduction (5 points)

Difficulty: Easy

It’s simple. Just get through the introductory mission and enter the world of Los Santos.


Three-Big Gangster: Reach Rank 25 (10 points)

Difficulty: Slightly moderate

It’ll take a little while to level up in Grand Theft Auto Online, especially if you’re still running into server issues. Still, interact with races and events long enough, and you’ll get there.


Making Moves: Reach Rank 50 (30 points)

Difficulty: Moderate

Same thing. The longer you take part in events with your crew – or on your own – in Los Santos, the more capable you are of ranking up. Rank 50 will take a little longer, but it’s worth it.


Above the Law: Reach Rank 100 (80 points)

Difficulty: Hard

You’ll be a long while with this one, but, eventually, you’ll get there. Try and take on as many missions and tasks as you can, it’ll help.


Numero Uno: Obtain First Place In All Competitive Game Types (20 points)

Difficulty: Moderate

It’s simple. Find different event types throughout Grand Theft Auto Online and master them all. Some may be a little more difficult than others depending on the skill of the player, but keep at it!


The Midnight Club: Use Custom Vehicles To Win 5 Races (20 points)

Difficulty: Slightly moderate

Again, it depends who you go up against, but if you can win five races with your specially designed vehicle, you’ll score this victory in no time.


Unnatural Selection: Complete All 10 Waves Of a Survival (20 points)

Difficulty: Slightly hard

Getting through the first few waves of a survival attack is easy. The later ones, however, might eat you alive. Come prepared with lots of ammo, and, if possible, some good teammates.


Backseat Driver: Direct a Driver To 1st Place As Co-Driver In Rally Mode (10 points)

Difficulty: Easy

If your buddy doesn’t kick you out of his or her car first, these points are as good as yours – provided they know a thing or two about driving.


Run Like the Wind: Survive For a Day With a Bounty On Your Head (20 points)

Difficulty: Slightly hard

Word of advice= RUN. With a bounty on your head, it won’t be long before people go looking for you. Make sure you have a good weapon on hand, too.


Clean Sweep: Finish a Gang Attack Without Dying and Kill At Least 10 Enemies (10 points)

Difficulty: Slightly hard

Depending who you go up against, this can either be a cakewalk or a pain in the neck. Know what you’re getting into before you jump into a fight.


Decorated: Earn 30 Platinum Awards (50 points)

Difficulty: Hard

Earning a Platinum award will take some work during events, but keep practicing. You’ll be accomplishing soon enough, and who knows, you just might clean up as a result, if you’re good enough.


Stick Up Kid: Hold Up All 20 Stores (10 points)

Difficulty: Moderate

Finding all the stores in the city might take a little time. Once you do, though, you can get a nice score of cash, and 10 points or a Trophy for your trouble. Just don’t forget how to get away from the cops.


Enjoy Your Stay: Participate In Everything Los Santos Has To Offer (20 points)

Difficulty: Moderate

This won’t be that difficult to do, but it’s very time-consuming. You’ll also want to make sure the server is properly stable before you go making an all-night run.


Crew Cut: Complete a Job As a Member of a Crew (5 points)

Difficulty: Easy

Like the opening mission, this is a snap to earn. Just finish a job with your friends or your crew and it’s yours.


Full Refund: Kill the Thief That Mugged You (10 points)

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Though tracking him down may take a bit, getting revenge has never been this sweet.


Dialing Digits: Call For Gang Back-Up For the First Time (5 points)

Difficulty: Easy

Use your phone. Dial your pals. Lay waste to your enemies. Collect 5 points or a Trophy. Easy as pie.


American Dream: Own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle (10 points)

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Though it might take a while to find that perfect apartment, getting your virtual life built in Los Santos has its rewards.


Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, as a supplementary download to Grand Theft Auto 5. Be sure to check out our Free Guide for full coverage on the game!

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