Red Storm Entertainment has been working closely with Ubisoft Paris to bring the complete experience together for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Red Storm has focused on the multiplayer experience, which allows teams of up to six people to fight through 10 diverse maps in a variety of game modes. Tommy Jacob, creative director on the multiplayer experience at Red Storm Entertainment, offers some tips and strategies about the game in this exclusive interview.

What’s your favorite multiplayer weapon and why?

My personal favorite weapon is the Goblin. It’s one of the PDRs that are available to the engineer class. That’s more because of the fact that I like to play the Engineer, so it’s one of the guns that I just have more familiarity with. On top of that, from just a combat and gameplay standpoint, I like to use a lot of the equipment. 

What’s your favorite piece of gear?

I love the sentry gun. It’s not necessarily one that you carry around with you, but being in an objective, knowing that you want to take the objective, placing the sentry gun at your back, and then interacting with the objectives gives you that sense of cover just from behind, because you know that anyone that turns the corner is going to get nailed by that.

When it comes to strategy, if someone’s going to play as the Engineer class, what would you advise them?

The strength of the Engineer is based on the equipment that’s available to them so you need to play within the intel loop. You have the UAV depending on the choice that you made at that decision point, or you have the field computer. Playing in the intel loop and with objectives is definitely the strength of the engineer, providing that support for their teammates, throwing the sensor grenade in and around objectives when a teammate may be taking an objective to help them get that better sense of what threats are approaching. That’s what the strength of the engineer is.

What other tips would you offer for the engineer class?

The Engineer is pretty much a bad ass when it comes to combat. You can customize any of the PDRs and make them really powerful, and the alternate weapon for the engineer is a shotgun. We all know what kind of damage shotguns will do. Because of the range that we have on the maps, in terms of scale, we offer a slug for the shotgun. If you’re on one of the maps that have a longer range, you can equip the slug, and I believe it multiplies the effective range of the shotgun by four times. There’s lots of recoil on it and a lot of recovery, but it’s a very powerful aspect of the progression for the engineer.