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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Conjurer Tips Guide

by Bryan Dawson

The White Mage in Final Fantasy XI was our class of choice. It was a dedicated healing class that was almost pure support, even with a Black Mage subjob. However, the Conjurer class in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and even the White Mage job it gains access to at level 30, are far more battle-ready than the White Mage’s of old. Let’s take a look at the early levels of the Conjurer and how best to reach the coveted White Mage.

When you select Conjurer as your starting class, you’ll begin the game in Gridania. Focus on the main storyline quests, which will lead you to the Conjurer’s guild, allowing you to begin the Conjurer class quest line. These two quest lines will be your primary source of experience points until you reach level 15 and start to gain access to dungeons. It’s important that you complete the level 10 Conjurer quest before you get the airship pass and head to other cities through the main storyline quests.

Once you reach Limsa Lominsa, you’ll want to head to the Arcanist guild and speak with the receptionist to unlock Arcanist. You’ll need to have Arcanist at level 15 in order to gain access to the White Mage job when your Conjurer reaches level 30. You can also use Bio and several other Arcanist spells as you level up your Conjurer.

When you’re playing solo, Conjurer has a few tricks up his sleeve. You probably won’t see much solo action after you start dungeon runs, but it’s still good information to have during the early levels. You’ll gain access to the Cleric Stance ability at level six. This swaps your stats for mind (MND) and intelligence (INT), while increasing magic attack damage by 10 percent, and lowering cure potency by 20 percent. Under most circumstances, the mind stat is the most important for a Conjurer because it impacts his healing ability. The higher the mind stat, the more potent your healing spells will be. Meanwhile, intelligence impacts magic attack damage. By swapping these two stats with Cleric Stance, it effectively gives the Conjurer more attack power at the cost of healing potency. When you’re running solo, this is a good thing.

During dungeon runs, the Conjurer’s primary role is to heal the party. With a solid tank, you should only have to focus on healing him or her, however there will always be times where you’ll need to heal other members of the party. Start each dungeon by casting Protect on the party. This will last 30 minutes, so keep an eye on the timer and recast the spell between battles when there are about 5 minutes left. This will prevent the spell from running out in the middle of a battle.

Start dungeon battles with Aero after the tank has engaged the enemy (mob). Aero is a damage over time (DoT) spell, which means that it will continually inflict damage for nearly 20 seconds. While your job is not to inflict damage, every little bit helps, and it won’t take you away from healing duties if you start the fight with Aero. It’s also not a bad idea to use Stone if you have time. It adds the effect of Heavy to the mob, which means it will have a harder time moving to other targets, giving the tank more time to regain the hate (enmity).

If you happen to draw hate from the mob, use Fluid Aura to knock it back and bind it in place. While the bind doesn’t last very long (six seconds), it should be long enough for the tank to regain hate and keep the mob away from you. During later dungeons, when you encounter mobs that inflict status effects on the party, use Esuna to remove these effects. After the initial engagement, you should not have the mob targeted at all unless it comes after you. Your primary focus should be on the party members, keeping them alive and well.

There’s a long way to go before you can unlock White Mage and eventually reach the level 50 cap, but these tips should serve you well during the early stages of the game. Keep a close eye on Prima Games for more Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn starter guides all this week!

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