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DuckTales Remastered: Transylvania Tips

by Prima Games Staff

DuckTales Remastered is now available for download on most services (Xbox Live gets the game next month), and fans everywhere will be able to soak in every bit of nostalgic gaming goodness. Great new visuals and sound combined with classic gameplay make this a fun time on any system.

Our latest guide will walk you through Transylvania, where Scrooge will deal with ghosts and other ghouls while hunting down the Coin of the Lost Realm. It’s not an easy quest to save his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie from harm while also contending with the vile Magica Despell.  If you play your cards right – and use our tips – you’ll be cashing in in no time.


Most of the enemies in the Transylvania stage are creepy-looking ghouls, but some of them are rather unpredictable. Take the smaller skeleton ducks. They act like kamikazes, running like crazy until they hit a block or a wall. They crumble to pieces as a result, then reform and begin running yet again. It’s best to avoid them, but if you can hit them with a block you’ll leave nothing but the skull, which you can easily destroy with a cane bop or a golf club swing.

Next up are ghosts. These come dropping from the top of the screen and moving up and down in a predictable way. When you see these, you’ll want to either get to a higher platform or duck out of the way as they can’t be beaten with Scrooge’s attacks. Avoid at all costs.

The mummy ducks are up next, and though they look like big, hulking beasts, you can easily finish them off. In some cases, a cane bop will do just fine, but sometimes they’ll walk around in more confined areas attached by a ball and chain. Wait until they stroll out of your range, then walk up and hit the ball with your golf club swing. You’ll eliminate them and, if you’re good enough, other enemies on another platform with a well-timed shot.

Finally, you have the Beagle Boys, who first roam around with bedding over their heads to look like ghosts. They’re responsible for the kidnapping of your nephews, but can be easily beaten. Simply bop them on the head three times and they’ll run off, freeing Scrooge’s nephews at the same time. With each new Beagle encounter, be careful because ghosts will drop down, making the task a little bit harder. Avoid them, then time your cane bops to finish the job.

Magic Mirrors

If you see an active magic mirror activated throughout the Transylvania stage, you’ll want to take the time to go through it. You’ll be transported to special mine cart stages, where you collect extra cash while avoiding low ledges and occasionally jumping across gaps. These add to your overall cash total, so don’t miss out.

What’s Hidden Behind These Walls?

If you see a space that looks like a dead end, take the opportunity to move closer to it. Chances are you’ll see the wall vanish, with plenty of space to run in and collect some more treasure. They may not appear on the map, but they’re there.

That Pesky Magica

Finally, once you rescue all three of your nephews and step through the bigger magic portal, you’ll come face-to-face with Magica Despell. She despises Scrooge for the luck he’s gotten with his lucky Number One Dime, and will stop at nothing to get it.

The first part of her boss battle is simple, as she jumps to a distance and rains down fire attacks from above. You’ll see small indicator beams where the fire will be, but the flames grow much bigger once they shoot. Look for a safe spot between them, and keep your distance.

Following that, the next fire attacks are a little trickier, as they come across, rather than raining down. You’ll see blocks that appear above you before they shoot. Jump up to avoid their blast. These become more intricate as the boss battle goes on, as you may be forced to jump up two or three levels. Keep moving if you don’t want to lose your precious energy.

After attacking with these, Magica will appear vulnerable on the main part of the stage. Run over and do a bop attack with your cane before she disappears.

From there, Magica will launch her spinning mirrors, with her hiding in one of them. They’ll move around, but if you’ve got a sharp eye, she’s very easy to spot. Bop the mirror with her in it and she’ll appear vulnerable again, giving you an easy hit.

Finally, Magica occasionally transforms into an ugly flying bird. She’ll fly across the screen once, then perform a diving attack in the middle of the stage. Time your bop attack and hit her right when she’s at the center of the screen. She’ll vanish and appear on one of the corners, where she’ll unleash a triple lightning attack. Dodge the bolts, then run over and bop her again. About five or so hits, and she’ll be finished.

Upon beating her, Magica surrenders – for now – and you can add the Coin of the Lost Realm to your collection.

DuckTales Remastered is available now for PlayStation Network, Wii U eShop and PC/Steam, and releases September 11th on Xbox Live Arcade.