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Disney Infinity – 5 Steps to Build a Race Track

by Prima Games Staff

Racing games are one of the many types of games you can create in your Toy Box Worlds. They allow you to race against other characters or friends you have invited into your Toy Box for multiplayer games. Racing games are really quite easy to make. To help you get started, we have divided the process into five easy steps.

1. Get the Race Track Start Toy

If you want to create a racing game, you have to get the Race Track Start track piece. It is the key to starting a race. It can be found in the Disney Infinity Vault. In order to ensure that you will definitely get this track piece, save up at least 16 Spins (which you can earn by completing Master Adventures, medalling in Adventures, and by leveling up your characters) before visiting the vault. Once at the vault, shuffle the selections until you see the Race Track Start toy as one of the 16. You might also want to keep shuffling until you have not only the Race Track Start piece, but also some other racing toys as well. Once you like the selection, start spending your Spins without shuffling again until you get it. You are guaranteed to get everything in the selection as long as you don’t shuffle again.

2. Lay Down Some Track

To start your raceway, place the Race Track Start toy down on your world. Then select other track pieces and begin connecting them. It is important that you line up the ends of the track pieces so they fit together exactly. In order to make sure your connections are perfect, change the angle of your view around so you can see the connection from all sides to ensure they are connected. If a connection is off just a bit, the race game will not work. Continue building your track by adding loops, curves, and ramps to make your track as easy or challenging as you want. You can even add some short cuts.

3. Complete the Circuit

As your track continues to grow, make sure you end up at the opposite side of the Race Track Start. Again, be sure to line up the track carefully. Only when you have made a complete circuit of track connecting the two ends of the Race Track Start toy can you have race on your track. If you added short cuts, make sure your main track is a complete circuit.

4. Add Barriers or Decorations

Once the track is completed, add some barriers to the turns to prevent cars from driving off the road if you want and place some plants and decorations to make the race track more exciting and visually pleasing. If you want to turn this race into a battle race, be sure to include Vehicle Weapon Generators on the track to add some firepower. Try to place objects or decorations which are destructible, such as cones or roadblocks, on the track to hide or disguise your shortcuts.

5. Start Your Engines

When you are ready, drive a vehicle or ride a mount up onto the Race Track Start and a button will appear. Follow the on screen instructions to start a race. Three opponents will automatically be provided and a three lap race is ready to begin.

If after completing your track, the race option does not appear when you drive onto the Race Track Start, go back and check your track connections. Often it is a couple pieces whose connection is just a little off that will prevent you from starting a race. It is a good idea to test out your track before adding barriers and decorations.

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