The state of the role-playing game has changed over the current console generation, and as we move forward into the next generation. You can look at games like Final Fantasy 13 and see that it plays more like an action game than a traditional role-playing game. Final Fantasy 15 is taking that action-oriented gameplay a step further. So when a game Disgaea D2 hits, some newer players are at a loss as to how to deal with such a technical strategy RPG. We here at Prima Games are here to help with a few quick tips for Disgaea beginners.

In part one of this video tutorial, we'll be discussing weapon mastery, battle basics, geo effects, and the hospital. Let's start with weapon mastery. Each character has a rating in each weapon category. The more you use that type of weapon the better your character's weapon mastery with that specific type of weapon. For example, if you use a sword over and over, your weapon mastery will improve with a sword, allowing you to learn new, more powerful skills. The higher a character's rank with a weapon, the faster their weapon mastery will increase.