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Destiny – Tower Overview

by Prima Games Staff

The following is an excerpt from the Official Destiny Digital Guide:

The Tower is a third-person social hub for the Guardians of Destiny. Show off your gear, purchase new equipment and items, or team up with other players to take on the enemy combatants together. Much is offered here, so spend your hard-won earnings carefully. Earn Reputation with the Vanguard, Crucible, Cryptarch, and Factions to unlock better gear for purchase. Stock at the shops is replenished frequently, so be sure to check in often.

Glimmer: Glimmer is the main currency in the Last City. You earn it by completing objectives, selling goods, and you can find it around the solar system. It is shared between all your characters.

Vanguard Marks: Awarded by high-level Strikes, Daily and Weekly Heroic activities, and exchanging materials with Vanguard Quartermaster. Level 18 is required and there is a maximum of 100 per week. Vanguard Marks can buy stronger gear.

Vanguard Reputation: Awarded by completing Vanguard Bounties. Unlocks more powerful gear for purchase.

Crucible Marks: Awarded by high-level Crucible matches and exchanging materials with the Crucible Quartermaster. Level 18 is required and there is a maximum or 100 per week. Crucible Marks can buy stronger gear.

Crucible Reputation: Earned with Crucible Bounties. Improves Crucible rank, unlocking powerful gear.

Crypto-Archaeology Reputation: Awarded by decoding Engrams with the Cryptarch. Increasing your rank unlocks new Engrams for purchase.

Factions: Once you reach Level 20, purchase a cloak, mark, or bond from your Faction of choice. You can then purchase Emblems and Crucible gear with Crucible Marks. Faction choices include New Monarchy, Future War Cult, and Dead Orbit, and you can find them at Tower North and Tower Hangar.

Faction Reputation: Earned by completing Bounties with a cloak, mark, or bond equipped from a given Faction.

Mote of Light: Obtained by continuing to earn XP after Level 20.

Read more Tower strategies from the official guide.

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