Microsoft hasn't said much about Kinect titles for the Xbox One, but the company did have Hidetaka Suehiro's D4 presented behind closed doors. We took a quick look at the title from the famed creator of Deadly Premonition, and while the game is quite early, it's shaping up to be an interesting take on Kinect titles.

First and foremost, Hidetaka Suehiro (better known as Swery65) was quick to point out that D4 can be played with a controller, but that even as a Kinect title the goal was to create a game that you could play while sitting down, relaxing on the couch. You won't have to stand or wave your arms widely to get the most out of D4. The game also has voice support to continue this line of thinking.

In D4, you play a private detective that solves cases with a unique ability. When he touches an object of sentimental value, he can go back in time to when that object was most prevalent. He's been trying to find an object that will allow him to go back in time to find his wife's killer and prevent her murder.

The game has three main elements. These include: QTE action scenes, evidence scenes and cut scenes. The QTE action scenes seemed like they might take a little more effort than just relaxing on the couch, but they were fun nonetheless. Everything else follows Swery65's ideals of being able to relax and play.

We didn't get a release date for the game and the game pad controls were not yet finalized, but D4 looks like it could be an entertaining title. It will be released as an episodic game, with each new episode adding more to the murder mystery. We’ll have more details in the months ahead.