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Bayonetta 2 First Look

by Bryan Dawson

Hot on the heels of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge comes another hard-hitting, action-packed title for the Nintendo Wii U. Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2 is everything fans of the original would like to see in a sequel. This time around, the game is exclusive to the Wii U, which allows it to offer everything the first game did, and then some.

All of the over-the-top combos and graphically pleasing effects are in place for the famed sequel. You still have to time your combos instead of just mashing on the attack buttons (although that still works to an extent), and doing so will reward you with a visual symphony of slow motion majesty better known as Witch Time. But timing your combos so you can revel in the beauty of this game is not what makes it challenging. Platinum Games is giving players a taste of the old days with the challenge this game offers.

These days, most games are only moderately challenging for expert players. While these games are hard enough for the casual crowd (which is the primary audience), the few gamers who really enjoy a blistering challenge don’t have many options to choose from. Bayonetta 2, on the other hand, just put a new challenge on the table.

The game is hard. When we say hard, we mean unless you have above average skill in games of this genre, you won’t make it very far without a few deaths. The enemies are brutal and the action is chaotic. To make it through a single level without a close encounter with death is not going to be common among most who get their hands on Bayonetta 2.

New to the Bayonetta series is a Magic Gauge in the upper left corner of the screen that’s tied to the Umbran Climax ability. As you hack your way through the stylistic foes in each area, the gauge will build. You can build it faster if you skillfully time your evades and combos, but it will build even further if you’re just having fun carving up enemies. Once the gauge is full, Bayonetta powers up and can unleash powerful demons to aide in her battle, which makes things a little easier for a short time.

Those familiar with the first Bayonetta probably know that the main character has guns in her shoes and uses Umbral Hair as a primary weapon. This time around, the stakes are higher and whips have been added to her shoes as well as more over the top Umbral Hair action. This allows for even more outrageous combos in a stylized manner that Platinum Games pulls off so well.

Being a Wii U exclusive, the game supports off-screen play using the GamePad controller. If your TV is in use by someone else or you just don’t want your mom or younger siblings seeing you play the game, turn off the TV and play it exclusively on the tablet. The game also supports touch screen controls to make things a little easier if you’re not up for the challenge the game offers.

While few details are available, the game will also support multiplayer if you have friends who want to get in on the action. Although an exact release date is not yet available, Bayonetta 2 will hit the Wii U sometime in 2014. Stay tuned for more action-packed previews as the game draws closer to release.