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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 4- They Really Like Me

by Prima Games Staff

Today I made a concerted effort to visit Isabelle at the Town Hall to figure out this mayor business.  Animal Crossing: New Leaf lets players build a police station, coffee shop and bridges within their towns and I wanted a piece of the action despite my best efforts to ignore the job in favor of fishing and fruit collecting.

As it turns out, the game forces users to jump through a couple of hoops before they assume the mayoral role.  First they must register as a town citizen, which is easy enough.  Second, they need to achieve a 100 percent approval rating to get a development permit.  This seemed daunting at first, but thankfully, I was able to reach this mark a number of ways that include the following:

-Post a note on the town message board near the train tracks.

-Speak to town residents.

-Pull up weeds.

-Run errands and trade items with critters.

This formula put me on the path to development glory, but there was a catch.  Isabelle informed me that the “application process” for the permit takes one day and perhaps more.  Unfortunately, the mayor would have to wait.

Here’s what I did to pass some time:

-Checked the mailbox next to my house.  Had a letter from my fictitious mom reminding me it was Father’s Day this past Sunday.

-Had the disappointing realization that I missed the Bug-Off competition, which only served to remind me to check Animal Crossing: New Leaf every day.

-Went fishing and caught a tin can that I immediately sold at Re-Tail.  Reese will take anything and everything.

-Ran an errand for Queenie.  She asked me to deliver a gift to Hazel before the end of the day. Couldn’t resist opening it beforehand; party-themed wallpaper. Hazel questioned Queenie’s decision not to wrap it and I came clean.  Received a kung-fu t-shirt for my efforts.

-Found a lost item . Will ask around to see who it belongs to.

-Did some fishing on the beach and caught a 13.20-inch squid. Then followed that up with a 15.90-inch horse mackerel and 6.45-inch butterfly fish.

-Dug up a fossil.

-Hit a rock with my shovel and scored 500 bells.

-Went bug-catching.  Wound up netting a 52.7mm yellow butterfly.

-Convinced Joey to change his signature greeting to “Hey hot mama.”

The worst part?  I did all of that in 25 minutes and still have over 23 hours to go.  I’ll sleep on it.

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