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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 1- Welcome to Delfino

by Prima Games Staff

It’s 11:16PM and Rover wants to chat.  Under normal circumstances I would shove headphones into my ears and pretend to fiddle with something, but this isn’t real life.  It’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo’s 3DS, and this inquisitive feline wants to know my name, gender and most importantly, where I’m headed.

This question was the most difficult because diehard Animal Crossing fans want to live in towns with sweet names.  Mess up, and every online visitor would chuckle at my village’s silly title.  This had to be good but I wasn’t feeling creative as the clock ticked closer to midnight, so I went with Delfino, the name of the tropical paradise in Super Mario Sunshine for GameCube; not to be confused with Carlos Delfino from the NBA’s Houston Rockets.  Since there’s a Dallas, Pennsylvania and Florida, New York, I rolled with it.

Rover seemed like an OK cat, but my train had stopped.  With mysteries of Delfino waiting to be discovered, I said my goodbyes and walked into perhaps the cheeriest welcoming party in videogame history, a group of happy animals convinced I was the new mayor of Delfino.  I tried to resist using pre-set responses. “Who’s the mayor?” “You’re mistaken.”  “Is this the right stop?”

Answers: you, no we’re not and yes.  In Godfather fashion, this was an offer I could not refuse.  

After “accepting” this new position, I met my trusted assistant Isabelle.  A friendly sort, she told me to meet her at Delfino’s Town Hall, but not before I paused to write on the bulletin board near the train tracks.  

“What’s up? The new mayor has arrived.”  I would delete this two days later.

Upon entering Town Hall, Isabelle informed me that my mayoral duties wouldn’t begin until I was an official resident of Delfino, and to do that, I needed to speak with Tom Nook of Nook’s Homes, which is located on Main Street; of course Tom Nook returns, and now he’s in the real estate business.  

Unfortunately, his shop was closed for the evening, and with it nearly 12AM, I closed my 3DS and went to sleep.

Check back tomorrow for day two. For now, read these Animal Crossing: New Leaf features.

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