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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Bug-Catching Tips

by Prima Games Staff

You’ll discover a variety of insects while playing Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf for 3DS, all of which you’re free to catch.  That said, the following tips will help fill your encyclopedia in no time.

-Purchase a net from Nookling Junction for 500 bells.  From there, head into your character’s inventory and equip it.

-The best way to catch a bug is to face the critter so that your character lines up with its shadow.  From there, tap A to make an attempt.

-Unlike fish, running around won’t scare bugs away.

-Stand too close to a mosquito and it will bite your character.  Don’t worry.  There are no ill effects.

-Some bugs prefer to fly across bodies of water. Although they seem out of reach, you can still catch these creatures with the net.  Stand close to the edge and go for it. 

-You can catch bugs attached to trees. 

-You’ll find more exotic species of insects on Tortimer Island; they go for lots of bells at Re-Tail.  For more info, read our island guide.

-You’re free to sell bugs at Re-Tail or donate these critters to the Museum.  We suggest selling first to increase your bank account. You can always make a donation later.

-The encyclopedia displays an insect’s season (Summer-Fall, Spring), the time it normally appears and the biggest one you’ve caught. 

-Selling bugs to Re-Tail doesn’t affect the encyclopedia.  Once you catch a bug the information is there forever.

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