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Rebuild Alefgard With Tested Tips for Building and Exploring!

by Prima Games Staff

1. Story Mode Time Challenges

To complete the time-based challenge in each Story Mode chapter keep the following in mind:

  • Stash crafting stations in your inventory or in a colossal coffer.
  • Always carry chimaera wings.
  • Save often and reload when tasks take too long.
  • Ignore everything that isn’t essential to advancing the story.

2. Colossal Coffers

Items inside a chest within the base can be used for building items, but you should always build a colossal coffer as soon as possible. Items stored within colossal coffers are accessible everywhere, and the items you collect when your inventory is full are automatically sent to the colossal coffer.

3. Build New Recipes

When you pick up new items, build any new recipes that you learn. This often leads to the discovery of additional recipes.

4. Always Bring Spares!

Equipment degrades with use, so you should carry spare weapons, armor, and shields. Don’t make too many spares as improved weapon recipes are never too far off and you don’t want to waste raw materials.

5. Build Variety at Your Base

Rooms provide a variety of benefits for the residents of your base. For example, baths and changing rooms improve weapons and armor, bedrooms boost HP, while gardens increase HP recovery.

6. Items for Creativity

A number of rooms provide a creative outlet for the residents of your base. Check the chests inside these rooms often to discover the items left behind by residents.

7. Plant Seedlings

Smash tree stumps to create seedlings. Plant these seedlings inside your base to provide a consistent source of wood.

8. Fish in Different Locations

The items and monsters you find while fishing on the shore of an island are not always the same as the items and monsters pulled up from inland lakes and streams.

9. Regional Recipes

Always review recipes when starting out in a new chapter. The materials needed to make identical items may change to reflect the raw materials available in each land.

10. Scout Ahead with Overhead View

Use Option or Start to get an overhead view of the immediate area. Use this view to scout out enemies and items located on top of hills and other formations before you start climbing.

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