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The Order: 1886—Ten Combat Tips to Keep You Fighting Fit

by Prima Games Staff

Take Cover!

Although Blackwater can keep Sir Galahad healthy, he isn’t immortal by any means. The most important combat tactic you’ll employ regularly is finding and using cover. Whenever you enter a new area, scout out good cover spots before you advance. Remember that Galahad automatically regenerates health over time, so if you take a few hits and the screen reddens (indicating damage inflicted), dive into cover and stay put until the screen brightens again.

Firing from Cover

Learn how to refine your aim more safely from cover. When you aim, Galahad pops out of cover and the targeting reticle appears onscreen. Adjust your aim quickly towards a target, squeeze off a quick shot, and then release the Aim trigger to drop back into cover. As long as you don’t adjust Galahad’s position, you’ll aim at the exact same spot when you pop up again.

Flushing Foes

Use the Thermite Rifle to attack enemies who are hiding behind cover. Just fire the cloud above them then ignite it with your Alt/Fire flare to rain thermite down on foes you couldn’t hit with other guns. Smoke grenades can also flush enemies out of cover.

A Shocking Advantage

Don’t waste time aiming the Arc Induction Lance. Charge up the gun while safely in cover, then pop up and point it in a general area where targets lurk. When you fire, the Arc gun’s electrical bolt automatically homes in on the nearest target within the wide targeting reticle.

Use Blacksight Freely

Blacksight is a devastating ability. It makes life much, much easier when battling superior numbers, but its auto-targeting can be quite useful against single, hard-to-hit targets too. Be sure to toggle off Blacksight when an area is clear. Whatever Blacksight remains on your meter is then preserved; you won’t need as many regular kills to build it back up again. Mixing Blacksight with the C-81 Maschinenpistole as your secondary weapon creates an overwhelming hail of fire that can swiftly tear an enemy platoon apart. It’s also a good combination against Lycan Soldier attacks.

Head vs. Body

All pistol and rifles get double-to-triple damage for headshots. Target heads for likely one-shot kills. However, automatic weapons like the C-81 Maschinenpistole and the M85 Automatisch rifle are less accurate than other guns. When using them, focus more on scoring multiple hits anywhere on the body with their rapid fire.

Close Punch

The RA-5 Repeating Shotgun and the “Three Crown” Coach Gun fire multiple pellets that spread apart as they travel. So these guns are most effective at close range, when the spread is minimal and all pellets can strike the target, inflicting massive damage. Both guns kick with enough power to dismember enemies.

Glint Watch

Enemy sniper scopes give a flash of light right before they fire. Take cover if you see the glint!

No Heavy Melee

Heavy enemies are not vulnerable to melee attacks, so keep a good distance—unless you’re using a shotgun or coach gun, which are more effective at short range. In general, hit armored foes from afar and use cover to your advantage. Enemy heavies don’t use cover much.

Barrels of Fun

In tough fights, you’ll often find highly explosive powderkegs sitting in strategically important locations[md]next to a particularly tough enemy posted on a high balcony, for example. When detonated, these barrels deal immense damage to anything nearby, so you can make a single bullet pay huge dividends.

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