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Mega Man 11 – Top 10 Author Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Blue Bomber is back and ready to battle! Whether you are a veteran player of the series or new to Mega Man for the first time, Prima Games official guide author, Sebastian Haley, is here to help you with his top tips. 

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1. Use Double Gear!

It’s easy to forget about Mega Man 11’s new Double Gear system, especially if you’re a veteran of the series. But try to get into the habit of using it early and often, as it really does provide an advantage!

2. Easy Screws

There is a Large Screw worth 100 screws in the first area of Block Man’s stage. Grab it, exit the level, and repeat until you’re filthy rich (with Screws). This trick allows you to buy anything in Dr. Light’s Lab before even finishing the first stage!

3. Early Lab Unlocks

Certain items and some of the more useful upgrade parts have gameplay requirements before they appear for purchase in Dr. Light’s Lab. Luckily, these requirements can almost all be fulfilled while doing the Block Man screw trick!

4. Speed Gear Booster

The Speed Gear Booster is an extremely useful upgrade that augments the Speed Gear so that Mega Man moves at normal speed while enemy and hazard movement is reduced to 25%. 

5. Power Gear vs. Bosses

By using the Power Gear combined with a boss’s weakness, most bosses can be destroyed with just a few quick shots!

6. Pile Driver

Impact Man’s Pile Driver special weapon is excellent for mobility. Once you have it, you can quickly dash over many hazards and enemies, or through them!

7. Ball Bounce

It may not seem like it, but the Ball Bounce is strong against some of the tougher foes in the game, including Press Dons and Mawverne, one of the final bosses!

8. Playground

As you complete stages in the main game you’ll unlock the Playground, where you can practice individual boss battles. This is very useful if you want to learn their patterns and weaknesses before replaying the game on a harder difficulty or practicing for speedruns.

9. Use the Speed Gear!

Did we mention to use the Double Gear system? Certain enemies and platforming sequences were designed with the Speed Gear in mind, so don’t be afraid to use it!

10. Controllers…

…are expensive. Try not to throw them! 

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