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Look Inside the Yo-Kai Watch Strategy Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Learn how to find and befriend every Yo-Kai, along with all the strategies you need to build teams and make your Yo-Kai stronger in our jam-packed official guides to Yo-Kai Watch. Here’s a look inside the guide; we’ve got you covered!

Yo-Kai Watch guide preview 2

Find hidden Yo-kai: With the power of the Yo-kai Watch, find and befriend more than 200 hidden Yo-kai and call upon their powers when you need their help.

Yo-Kai Watch guide preview 3

Critical skills and strengths: Each Yo-kai has its own unique skills and strengths. Use strategy to assemble your team to address different problems and fight evil Yo-kai.

Yo-Kai Watch guide preview 1

Upgrade strategies: Make your Yo-kai Watch more powerful and upgrade your Yo-kai while playing through the story.

Defeat evil: Assemble the best team of six Yo-kai in your watch to defeat evil and help people in need.

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