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Gears of War 4: 5 Versus Multiplayer Tips to Prepare You for Combat!

by Prima Games Staff

Prepare for the enemies you will face in the Gears of War 4 multiplayer Versus mode, whether you choose to play with Competitive or Core tuning, with these author tips!

Tip #1 – Yank or Be Yanked

The yank icon will only appear if you take cover and there is an enemy on the opposite side of that cover. This means that the enemy also has the same option to yank you, so chose to yank them or prepare to counter their yank!

Tip #2 – Stay Alert

The lower-left corner of the screen is home to the Kill-Feed. In Gears of War 4, this feed goes beyond showing player kills and deaths, but also shows when a player picks up any map-based weapon. This allows you to keep an eye on who has what weapon without activating Tac-Com mode.

Tip #3 – Vaulting

Vault Kicking is a lot like Mantle Kicking, except you do not take cover before leaping over a piece of cover to kick an enemy. When you’re performing a Roadie Run near a piece of short cover in front of you, press (B) to jump over the cover and knock back any enemy that may have been seeking refuge there.

Tip #4 – Sharing is Caring

If you are carrying the same type of weapon as another player you may share ammo with them. To share ammo from your currently equipped weapon, aim down the sights at a player within arm’s length and press the ammo share button (Y) to force your ammo into the other player’s inventory. The same weapon does not have to be equipped to give or receive ammo, the only requirement is having the same weapon in your inventories.

Tip #5 – Shield Yourself!

When an enemy is DBNO (down but not out) you can approach them and hold (X) to pick them up off the ground and use them as a shield. While you are holding a Meatshield, you can only use your Pistol. Picking up a Meatshield instantly kills the enemy—this means they can come back and kill you while you are still holding their dead body after they have respawned. If you have a grenade handy, you can press (DPAD-UP) to attach your grenade to the Meatshield and kick them forward a few feet toward enemies. This makes a great lethal distraction to help you get away if you are outgunned.

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