Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare blasts the franchise decades into the future. You will encounter new technology including ship-to-ship space combat, an array of new tactical and lethal equipment options, and new weapon types. Here are some of the new features you should be ready for.

Active Suit Upgrades

COD: Infinite Warfare campaign screenshot

Whenever you complete a campaign mission, you will unlock an Active Suit Upgrade. These provide a variety of perks such as the ability to sprint while reloading and increasing the lethality of your melee attacks. Pause the game to review which upgrades you have unlocked.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare features a new stealth mission type. These missions will challenge you to move through an enemy ship to steal technology or assassinate a member of SetDef command without being detected.

When starting a stealth mission, you have the option to customize your loadout. If you choose to go this route, be sure to equip a silencer on your primary weapons barrel.

COD: Infinite Warfare stealth meter screenshot

During missions, you automatically gain access to a stealth meter. Keep the indicator in the gray to ensure you aren’t detected by a nearby enemy. Always move around in crouched stance and use melee attacks when possible to make kills undetected.

Space Combat

The most significant addition to Infinite Warfare is the extensive amount of ship combat you will engage in. As leader of an elite Navy SCAR squadron, many missions will have you take to the air, space, and beyond to engage the enemy.

COD: Infinite Warfare space combat screenshot

Throughout the Campaign, you will always be flying one type of ship: the UNSA Jackal. It’s a quick ship with low armor and big guns. Every space mission will entail extensive dogfighting with the enemy “Skelter” fighters.

The space combat missions can be some of the most difficult levels in the game. To survive on harder difficulties, it’s vital that you manage how many enemies are currently threats to your ship.

When engaging a field with several battleships, stay out of range of their guns. The ship battles are always in large areas that allow you to avoid fighting nearby large enemy ships.

When engaging with Skelter squads and Aces, it’s best if you can isolate the groups and fight them one-by-one. To do this, fly to the edge of the battlefield, and wait patiently for one of the groups to follow and attempt to engage you. Taking an Ace out one-on-one is much easier than attempting to kill a group of Aces all at once.


COD: Infinite Warfare collectibles screenshot

Collectibles in Infinite Warfare are different than previous Call of Duty games. Instead of collecting briefcases or intel, you will be collecting weapons to fill your Armory. Perks and Attachments may be unlocked by completing missions.

Whenever you see a new weapon on the ground that you do not yet have in your Armory, it will be highlighted orange. Pick this weapon up to scan it for later printing on the ship’s onboard 3D Printer.