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Bring These 5 Campaign Tips to the Fight in Gears of War 4

by Prima Games Staff

Orange Is the New Bullseye

Always look for orange-and-white barricades during Windflares, since that is the tell-tale sign that you can release debris into the wind. Whenever the enemies are dug in or you can’t find a way forward through a locked gate or other obstacle, look for the orange fencing and shoot it. Just make sure you’re safely behind cover before you do!

Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm

There’s no denying the cool-factor of the new vault-kick and yank-and-shank skills, but over-indulging in these new techniques is bound to get you killed. Only perform the yank-and-shank attack when playing on Hardcore or Insane difficulty – especially if solo – if the enemy advances into cover where you already are. Don’t advance unnecessarily! Similarly, do not make a needless run across the landscape to vault-kick and enemy unless it is the last enemy in the vicinity. You never want to risk being downed away from your squad.

Lighting Up the Dark

The Lancer comes equipped with a flashlight that helps you see in the dark, but the other weapons don’t. Keep the Lancer handy when making your way through the fort. The light helps; the chainsaw will help even more.

Snot Bubble Weapons

Watch for the shimmering silver ropy strands near the ceiling throughout Fort Reval, as many of these contain valuable weapons. There’s no telling how they got up there, but it only takes a few rounds from the Lancer to cut them down.

Pounsus Interruptus

One of the quickest ways to kill a Pouncer is to chainsaw it while it’s airborne. Approach a Pouncer standing atop a piece of cover, back away from it a few steps, and rev your chainsaw once you have its attention. It might throw its quills and stun you, which can make it hard to recover in time, but it will leap at you if it is in range. Blast it out of the air with the Gnasher, but the Lancer’s chainsaw is equally satisfying. If one of your allies is attacked, go to free them immediately.

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