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10 Call of Duty: Black Ops III Collectibles Revealed

by Prima Games Staff

Collectibles in Call of Duty: Black Ops III are much more interesting than the traditional “briefcase” variety found in all Call of Duty games since Modern Warfare. These are easier to spot, but there are a lot more of them. When you’re near one, an icon appears on the screen indicating its location. After you’ve grabbed a collectible, it can be viewed in your safe house. Here we reveal one from each of the first 10 missions.

01: Black OPs

NRC Comms Earpiece

After crouching under the ATV, look for a reception desk on the second floor of the building. Walk around to the other side to discover the NRC Comms Earpiece.

02: New World

Model Maglev Train

Find this in the basement on a work shelf below where the robots are pushing the subway car out.

03: In Darkness

Urn With Incense Sticks

The Urn With Incense Sticks Collectible is well-hidden on the right side of this building. You must wade through the river as it winds around the side of the building. Look for a recessed area to jump up on to your left. The collectible is on the ground next to the building.

04: Provocation

Gangsta Bling

Look for this collectible in the first open garage stall on the right when you exit the bar in the level introduction.

05: Hypocenter

54i Data-Pad

Before opening fire on the village, head to the end of the upper arrival path. This area has a lot of jungle. Look for a tent with some crates hidden in the foliage. The Data-Pad is on top of one of the crates there.

06: Vengeance

Damaged Optical Camo Cloak

Before following Hendricks through the opening area, search the alleyways nearby for this collectible. From the start, turn down the left alleyway, make another left, and look for it on the left at the base of a doorway at the end of the alley.

07: Rise & Fall

NRC Helmet

After the interrogation cinematic, search the desk in the room to find the helmet.

08: Demon Within

Shell Casing

This collectible is in a sandbag bunker near the start of the area. Look for the Mobile Armory. There’s a sandbag bunker directly ahead. Search the counter inside for the casing.

09: Sand Castle


You can find this in the first landing area. Before you use the Access Panel, take one flight of stairs down. The postcard is on the desk inside that room.

10: Lotus Towers


Locate the Hamsa collectible inside the first enclosed shop after you disembark the Mobile platform. This shop is on the left. Look for the Hamsa art hanging on the back wall.

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