The PlayStation Vita is slowly but surely getting its fair share of streaming video services, and one more that you can add to the stack is YouTube.  Finally, we’ll be able to watch Keyboard Cat wherever we go!

Sony has announced that it will be bringing the YouTube channel to the Vita in late June, and the free app will allow you to access millions of videos on the go – though they stopped short of confirming that you could create and upload your own videos.   The app will also allow you to search for videos, set up favorites and make comments. 

"PS Vita was developed with the idea of creating and delivering compelling content for gamers," Mesa wrote on the PS Blog. "With the recent announcements of applications such as nico nico, Treasure Park, Wake-up Club, and Skype, we’re continuing to build out PS Vita’s portfolio of applications."

Congrats to YouTube for reaching out to yet another outlet.  Now where’s that “Friday” video?  (Oh, come on, we’re KIDDING.)