If you’re nostalgic for the days when you could visit Blockbuster and print out your Pokemon Snap pictures, or the days of the Game Boy Printer, a brilliant new partnership between Nintendo and Fujifilm has you covered.

Instead of having to go somewhere to print out your Snap photos, you’ll be able to print them out from the comfort of home using the Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch Smartphone Printer. 

You Can Print Your New Pokemon Snap Pics With This Fujifilm Printer

Photo Credit: Fujifilm

New Pokemon Snap is a game all about taking pictures of Pokemon. Enhancing this feature, Nintendo has made it so that you can edit photos in New Pokemon Snap and adjust things like brightness levels, focus, sharpness, and more.

You can even add filters, stickers, and frames to your images and share them online with your friends. If you want something a bit more physical than online photo sharing, the partnership between Nintendo and Fujifilm takes things a step further with a photo printer called the Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch Smartphone Printer.

It’s not exactly a “new” printer per say as Fujifilm launched the Instax Mini Link smartphone printer itself back in October of 2019

However, the Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch makes it so that you can print out photos from your Nintendo Switch by sending those photos to your smartphone using a free app from Fujifilm. It adds the Nintendo Switch to the smartphone process essentially.

There are also 59 frames that you can add to your photos through Fujifilm’s app along with Nintendo characters, filters, and more. 

New Pokemon Snap isn’t the only game that the Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch supports as it also allows you to print photos from Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario Odyssey. And if you’re as eager to buy one of these adorable little Mini Link printers as we are, you’ll be able to purchase them for $100 (USD) starting April 30. 

If you want the Pikachu case, you’ll need to purchase the specific Pikachu bundle which is set to release “in limited quantities several weeks after the release of the Mini Link Special Edition” at a price point of $120 (USD).

As noted above, the Fujifilm app that you’ll use with the Mini Link for Nintendo Switch is free. Be sure to check back, as we’ll undoubtedly have more up on our website about the Instax Mini Link for Nintendo Switch and how it works with games like New Pokemon Snap in the near future. We simply cannot resist.

Until the new Fujifilm Mini Link is released, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on the device and its ability to print photos from Nintendo Switch. Are you planning to buy one? Are you waiting to see reviews for it first? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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