Nintendo is no stranger to introducing special versions of its consoles – heck, we're still trying to hunt down a black Zelda 3DS XL. For its latest release, the company has turned to its heroic dino friend Yoshi, who will get his own 3DS XL system later this month.

The Yoshi Edition Nintendo 3DS XL system will go on sale starting March 14th. The system features a lime green design with pictures of Yoshi and his eggs on the front and back of it. It will retail for $199.99.

This system is part of a promotion for Nintendo's forthcoming handheld sequel Yoshi's New Island, which launches on the same day for $39.99. Unfortunately, a copy of the game isn't included with the system, but at least it'll be easy to acquire alongside it.

Look for strategies surrounding Yoshi's New Island in the weeks ahead.