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Yasuhiro Ootori Tears Apart PlayStation 5 & Let’s Us See What’s Under The Hood

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, Yasuhiro Ootori, the VP of the mechanical design and hardware design department, gives us a very close look at the guts of the PlayStation 5.

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In the video, which can be seen below, we watch as he literally takes apart the entire PlayStation 5 while detailing each individual piece. 

While he certainly voided his warranty, we learned a lot about what makes the PS5 so unique. 

First off, the 120 mm diameter, 45mm thick, double-sided air intake fan is a mouthful. It’s also a huge reason as to why the PlayStation 5 will stay cool.

A huge problem with the PlayStation 4 for many folks was noise. By the end of this generation, that thing sounded like a 747 ready for takeoff. Luckily with the PS5, Sony seems to be doing as much as it can to mitigate that.

For instance, the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive is covered with a sheet metal case and mounted with two layers of insulators. This will help reduce the noise and vibration of the disc.

The PlayStation Blog also highlights making sure that the console is quiet, which is essential for many folks.

 “We’ve also highlighted the mechanism in the video below that we’ve incorporated into the PS5 console to make the operating sounds even quieter. After an extensive and complex trial and error process, we were pleased with the end result and I can not wait for our fans to get their hands on the PS5 console and “hear” it for themselves.”

Even if you don’t understand what many these hardware pieces do, it’s still worth watching. Not only is it fun to watch someone completely take apart the console, but you’ll learn a thing or two in the process!

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