HD collections…they’re becoming all the rage, reintroducing audiences to classic gameplay experiences, but in a bold new way that today’s consoles can really take advantage of. We’ve seen a lot thus far, but hardly any that celebrate the power of gangsters, but Sega might change that.


The Japanese publication Famitsu is reporting that the company is hard at work on a new Yakuza HD Collection, one that would contain the first two games in the series, remade for the PlayStation 3. In case you don’t recall, the first releases highlighted the adventures of the characters as we know them know, in such as releases as Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls.


The collection is rumored for a release on November 1st, for a price of around $66 at release. No additional features have been unveiled yet.


Sega is staying mum on the release of the game, or whether it’ll even reach US shores, but if they’re wise, they’ll give Yakuza fans the love they deserve…even if that means we aren’t getting the option to sing karaoke.