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Xbox Series S Confirmed With Memeable Look at Incredibly Low Price Point (UPDATE)

by Liana Ruppert

The Xbox Series S has officially been confirmed after a prior leak, confirming a very palatable price point. There have been plenty rumors surrounding the all-digital console but the price point of $299 was much lower than anyone was anticipating, much to the pleasant surprise of all. 

UPDATE 11:39 AM: Release date confirmed for November 10th:

The design choice is unique, something that many have made into stovetop memes and DJ turntables, but what’s even better is the low cost providing a lower barrier of entry for gamers into the new generation. Following a leak about the price, Microsoft took to Twitter to confirm the news with a promise of more details to come. 

Naturally, the memes were plentiful: 

We don’t know the exact date of the full reveal but the speculation regarding what this means for next-gen is back to an all-time high. Many are hoping that this is a sign that the $499 price point for the X is true while others are hoping this means Sony will be more competitive with their pricing as well. 

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We’ll be learning more soon enough, until then: keep the memes coming. 

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