Microsoft gave us an epic first look at what the next generation of gaming will look like during the Xbox E3 2019 showcase and in addition to ray-tracing, a powerful SSD, and up to 120fps, the team also promised that they aren't abandoning physical games like previous rumors suggested. Oh, and backwards compatibility across all generations! 

During the showcase, Xboss Phil Spencer showed off some of the thrilling details of the console on the way, boasting it as 4x more powerful than the all-powerful Xbox One X. In a recent interview with, he also touched on the digital rumors, saying "I want to give people a choice, and right now physical is a choice that millions of people love." 

One of the biggest rumors about the upcoming console was that it wouldn't even have a disc-drive, so it's good to see that those weren't as accurate as many believed. That, and ensuring that their well-loved backwards compatibility feature continues to grow and expand to encompass everything we loved about generations of games past. 

It was definitely an exciting E3 and absolutely delivered on Microsoft's promise of one of the biggest E3 showcases yet. 

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