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Xbox One Allows Code Scanning to Activate Certain Games

by Prima Games Staff

We’re fascinated by all the high-tech features of the Xbox One, whether it’s the processing power or being able to switch over between live TV and games with a simple voice command.  However, the Kinect 2.0 has its own share of snazzy features, and today we learned about another – one that could make it a lot easier to redeem your game purchase.

In the past, in order to get some game content working, you had to put in a 25-digit code on the Xbox Live Marketplace or through  However, according to Microsoft’s Marc Whitten, with the new Kinect, you’ll simply need to hold up a QR code, which the Kinect will then scan and validate for your in-game content.  It hasn’t been explained how deep this process will go, but Whitten said, “To my Reddit friends – yup – this works!”

That’s in response to a Reddit user who said it would be easier to scan the codes to redeem in-game content, rather than typing in a code.  It looks like he or she got that wish.

The Xbox One ships later this year.


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