Microsoft is continuing to show some markdown love for its users, and have slashed the prices on a few more games, for today only, to add to your virtual collection.  And this time around, Rockstar Games' releases are getting the nod.

First up is L.A. Noire, a detective based tale straight out of the 40's where you try to solve crimes through investigating, shootouts and interrogations.  It's down to $19.99.

Red Dead Redemption is also on sale, the epic tale of a cowboy who completes missions, goes on hunts and tries to keep alive in the process.  This one's also $19.99.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is a fast-paced street racing game where you challenge rivals and earn new cars, all while keeping out of reach of the law.  This one's been marked down to $9.99, a swell deal.

Finally, if you haven't experienced Max Payne 3 yet, it's a sequel worth checking out.  The hardened cop returns, twin pistols in hand, to raise some hell.  This one's marked down to $39.99.  We've seen it for cheaper, but this isn't a bad price.

Happy shopping!  Remember, these sales are good through Friday, December 21st, only.