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Xbox Live Arcade Does Big Business In 2012, Top Ten Best Selling Games Revealed

by Prima Games Staff

While some game companies are having a little trouble with product sales, digital ones are thriving, as is reporting that Xbox Live Arcade has been thriving with plenty of business.

According to the site, sales for Xbox Live Arcade games have doubled over 2011’s, thanks to a number of excellent game releases.  Though some games didn’t make the cut, like Fez and Mark of the Ninja, they still had an impact on overall numbers for the year…so don’t feel bad.

Meanwhile, here are the top ten, according to the report.  Their revenue number and sales units are also included for comparison purposes.

Minecraft – 4,997,000 units/$97,388,000

Trials Evolution – 1,002,000 units/$14,298,000

The Walking Dead – 2,615,000 units/$10,277,000

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 273,000/$3,973,000

Castle Crashers – 252,000 units/$3,778,000

Gotham City Impostors – 258,000 units/$3,698,000

I Am Alive – 245,000 units/$3,609,000

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD – 226,000 units/$3,261,000

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – 206,000 units/$2,903,000

Trials HD – 203,000/$2,799,000

Probably the biggest surprise on there is Trials HD, a game that’s years old – and has been overlapped by the sequel Trials Evolution.  It’s still making decent bank.

Surprising no one, Minecraft is a huge hit for the system, and we’re likely to see a few more expansions for it – and maybe even a sequel – down the road.

You can download these games now over at

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