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Writing the WWE ’12 Prima Game Guide and our 10 Favorite Achievements Out of the Box

by Prima Games Staff

In short, writing the WWE ’12 Prima Game Guide was a blast. There is so much to do within the gameplay experience, and we had the exclusive opportunity to dive in behind the scenes with advance development copies of the game. This allowed us access to the algorithms that calculate damage statistics and we got the first look at some exciting returnees to the WWE franchise like Brock Lesnar and The Rock.

We loved playing as DLC Michael Cole and dancing around in his orange singlet. Download him. It’s hilarious.

For WWE ’12 we worked on numerous case studies with the development builds of the game, and analyzed different matchups in ways that will not be accessible by any other third party after the game’s release. Check out our findings in the guide. Gamers don’t get this information anywhere else and Prima Games had the unique opportunity to pull back the curtain for our readers!


Big Show vs. Santino Marella is profiled and all the final damage HP for different moves and scenarios is revealed and broken down.

The game has a responsive and reactive season mode in the WWE Universe. Spending time manipulating the Superstar attributes from the WWE Universe home menu and seeing how the season plays out reminded us of hours spent in the interactive world of Baseball Stars back on the 8-bit.

WWE Universe quickly became our favorite game mode and carries with it ways to unlock achievements and trophies. But, some achievements and trophies can be pursued without committing too much time, and are attainable right out of the box. Here is a list of 10 of our favorites:

The Art of Submission (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Win by applying a submission to a heavily damaged body part (Single Player)
Strategy: Attack the body part with the limb targeting system. We used Alberto Del Rio and attacked the arm. After the arm was critical (in the red) your opponent will grab his elbow. Use his Finisher to start a Cross Armbreaker, and lock in the submission.

Well Scouted (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Reverse an opponent’s finishing move (Single Player)
Strategy: This one will come within the regular course of gameplay, as you should always try to reverse. Pay attention to when your opponent has a Finisher and press the reversal button. This is easier to do early in the match before you take a lot of damage–your ability to reverse has a longer timeframe to press the reversal button when your Superstar is fresh.

Destroyer (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Inflict heavy damage to opponent’s head, arms, and legs (Single Player)
Strategy: Achieve this with gratuitous use of the limb targeting system. Use a powerful striker like Big Show to handle this one quickly. Enter limb targeting and strike to each limb and head. Increase HP damage by doing this out of the ring.

Wildman of the Ring (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Break 20 tables, ladders, or chairs in one session (Single Player)
Strategy: Use TLC matches to give you all the objects. This doesn’t need to be one match, just one gameplay session logged in.

Worked the Limb (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Use the limb targeting system to attack the same part 10 times in one match (Single Player)
Strategy: Get this one in conjunction with the other body part achievements. Attack the arm 10 times before you submit your opponent.

Reach the Ropes (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Crawl to the ropes during a submission (Single Player)
Strategy: This is an easy way to get out of a submission attempt near the ropes, especially a leg submission like Boston Crab. Do this on an early submission attempt. Button mash if you start to get into trouble.

This Combo is Lethal (Gamer Score 30, Silver Trophy)

How to get it: Perform a Wake-Up taunt, hit your Finisher, and then win via pinfall (Single Player)
Strategy: Late in the match and with a Finisher banked, use a wake up taunt (press up on the D-pad) and unload your Finisher. Go right into the pin. We used Randy Orton to nab this achievement.

Against the Odds (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Win a One on Three Free Brawl (Single Player)
Strategy: If you’ve played the Road To WrestleMania mode, this will be just another match, but it’s imperative that you stay out of the middle and Irish Whip your opponents away from you so you can battle each one on one.

Comeback!!! (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Use Comeback ability to increase momentum to MAX (Single Player)
Strategy: When you successfully complete a Comeback, your momentum will be at Max, so this will be automatically achieved. Select a Superstar with the comeback ability. Use Rey Mysterio, John Cena, John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Triple H, Undertaker,or DLC Shawn Michaels.

That’s Gotta Hurt! (Gamer Score 15, Bronze Trophy)

How to get it: Win a Free Brawl by throwing your opponent through the window (Single Player)
Strategy: Select free brawl and choose Hallway (East) from the Free Brawl Areas under “Select Arena”. After some damage, the Finisher icon will appear over your opponent’s head. Irish Whip him into the right side of the hall against the window. Strike, and an animation will play that has you tossing him through the glass.

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