World of Darkness, a vampire themed MMO from the people that brought us Eve Online and upcoming PS3 shooter Dust 514, is still in “active development”, dev team CCP has revealed.

CCP revealed it had 60 full time staff on the project earlier this year at the studio’s Atlanta office when fans questioned the game’s status after a major staff reshuffle. There’s been no news on World of Darkness since then (three months ago) though.

Senior producer Chris McDonough has written an open letter to the Mind’s Eye Society in order to put the minds of fans at ease, explaining that work is still being carried out on the title, admitting it’s not a priority right now.

"As many of you know, last year was difficult for CCP, and many long-term employees and good friends lost their positions within our organisation," he said. "The company felt it had too many priorities and was trying to do too many things.

"World of Darkness is still very much in active development, but CCP as a company will be putting all of its efforts into making DUST 514 a revolutionary game and bringing it to market."

CCP won’t be hosting a Grand Masquerade event this year, McDonough has revealed. Instead, the studio plans to host put on a MES-produced World of Darkness LARP event this fall. More info is likely to arrive in the very near future.

World of Darkness is based around real-world cities including New York, Paris and London. The title can be likened to Eve Online or Dust 514 in respect to its sandbox style, which allows gamers to use in-game politics to shape the world in which they play. This offering allows a certain number of players to act as Prince of a city, each with the power to permakill other characters.