Will Wuthering Waves Finally Pitch a Release Date During Gamescom?

Just a hint, a crumb, anything—

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Kuro Games announces their newest project Wuthering Waves will be showcased at this year’s Gamescom. Their booth will feature a space for game trials while they run events both in-person and online. To celebrate the premiere, they are already conducting an event where Rovers can win prizes if they interact with the post announcement. 

This is great news for those following the production of Wuthering Waves, Kuro Games wrapped up their global beta test just a few months ago where participants were selected to trial the game thus far. The game is dedicated to both open exploration and fluid, exhilarating combat gameplay that has already been showcased in Kuro Games other success, Punishing: Gray Raven. 

While they are taking extra precautions to deliver a successful game without bugs and with plenty of content to keep gamers happy, the game developers and producers have not yet announced an actual release date for the game. We can only hope that with the reoccurring appearance of the game in public spaces, gamers can look forward to more news regarding if the game will receive another test trial or finally have a release date.

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Wuthering Waves has been in the making for the last few years with Kuro Games working on both it and their Punishing: Gray Raven project. With more news being posted about the game on their Twitter and YouTube, we can expect more information to become available at Gamescom or around that time.

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