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Wildcard Shifts Plans Yet Again Amidst ARK Remaster Controversy

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Those who have read my previous update will know that Wildcard (developers of ARK Survival Evolved) have recently apologized after announcing the ARK UE5 remaster needed to be purchased after previously announcing it was free. Many players heavily disagreed with the fact that the ARK remaster would be exclusively bundled with the eventual release of ARK 2, a game that many are still on the fence about.

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Well, Wildcard and Snail Games have changed the pricing yet again, and I’ll tell you what they changed below!

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How Much Does the ARK UE5 Remaster Cost?

Last week, Wildcard announced that ARK: Survival Ascended (UE5 Remaster) will now cost $60, purchasable as a standalone game only. This is a shock to many, since the ARK Respawned Bundle was supposed to cost $40 and included both the remaster and ARK 2.

This $60 purchase includes all DLC downloads for free as they release, but the DLC will not be included on launch and will be added throughout 2023 and 2024.

ARK fans can be safe to assume that ARK 2 will also be priced at $60, making the cost of both games jump from $40 to likely $120.

While the games will cost more now, let’s be honest, the bundle deal was a terrible idea from Wildcard. Players who were interested in the remaster were basically forced to purchase ARK 2, a game which will seemingly stray quite significantly from the original idea of ARK Survival Evolved.

Still, I am quite excited for ARK: Survival Ascended as I’ve clocked in over 1500 hours in the original game.

To close, while Wildcard has been quite erratic with the announcements and changes of plan, at least they are being transparent and apologizing for the confusion. You cannot say the same about many other developers…

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