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When is ARK Survival Ascended Coming Out? – Answered

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by Jesse Vitelli

Ark Survival Ascended is a remake of Ark Survival Evolved for the next generation of consoles and will run on Unreal Engine 5. Despite causing a lot of controversy in the community, many fans are eager to get their hands on the game when it releases. When is Ark Survival Ascended coming out? We have the answer for you below.

When is ARK Survival Ascended Coming Out? – Answered

Ark Survival Ascended is targeting the end of August 2023 as a release date, but no specific date has been given at this time. This information comes from the Ark Survival official website, which outlines what players can expect from Ark Survival Ascended and some answers to lingering questions the community has, such as official servers, updates, and more.

“ARK: Survival Ascended is a next-generation remaster of our beloved ARK: Survival Evolved, harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 5. It will be released on Xbox Series S/X, PC (Windows/Steam), and PlayStation 5 by the end of August 2023. The base game will include The Island, SOTF, and all the “Non-Canon” DLC maps (which will be added to ASA over time). “

Ark Survival Ascended will be $49.99 on Xbox Series X|S and PC, featuring a bundle that includes Ark 2, which is slated for 2024.

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PlayStation 5 players will be able to purchase the standalone Ark Survival Ascended for $39,99, which does not include Ark 2.

There will also be two expansion passes that launch separately.

“All the expansion packs will be sold separately on all platforms:

  • $19.99 for Explorer’s Pass, which includes Scorched Earth, Aberration (Q4 2023), and Extinction (Q1 2024).
  • $19.99 for Genesis Pass, which includes Genesis Part 1 (Q1 2024) and Genesis Part 2 (Q2 2024).”

These will release in the following years.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about when Ark Survival Ascended will come out. For more tips, tricks, and guides, check out Prima Games.

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