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Destiny – Where is Xur this Weekend? January 9

by Prima Games Staff

Oh Xur… if only we could work from Thursday to Sunday like you, sleeping the week away while Guardians around the world grind for the Strange Coins and Motes of Light that you crave so badly.

He’s a tough guy to find, that Agent of the Nine. Luckily, we’ll be updating you with his location and inventory each and every week. We’ll even try to snag some in-game images, although you can usually just follow the trail of other players straight to his whereabouts.

What time does Xur arrive and depart?

Xur arrives at about 4:00 AM EST on Friday morning, which is still kind of, sort of Thursday evening for you night crawlers out there. He doesn’t like to stick around for too long, though, and will hit the road at about 4:00 AM EST on Sunday. We assume this is to get some shut-eye before watching football, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Where is Xur located this week?

You can find Xur in the Tower Hanger. Just follow the narrow hallway until you go down a set of stairs, then turn right. If you turn left you’ll be headed to all the other vendors, such as the Quartermaster and Shipwright.

What Exotic gear is Xur selling this week?

Lots of good stuff, including both exotic gear and opportunities to upgrade what you already have. Take a look at the tables below for more information, keeping in mind you must own the stuff from the second one if you hope to upgrade it.

Note: Xur is not selling Exotic Engrams this week. Well, at least not for us.

Exotic Gear

Name Type Class Light Cost
Insurmountable Skullfort Helmet Titan 30/36 13 Strange Coins
Lucky Raspberry Chest Armor Hunter 30/36 13 Strange Coins
Starfire Protocol Chest Armor Warlock 30/36 13 Strange Coins
The Last Word Hand Cannon Any N/A 23 Strange Coins
Exotic Shard Material Any N/A 7 Strange Coins
Exotic Engram Helmet Random N/A 23 Motes of Light

Upgrade Equipped Exotics

Name Type Class Light Cost
Crest of Alpha Lupi Chest Armor Hunter 30/36 Exotic Shard + 7,607 Glimmer
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Gauntlets Hunter 30/36 Exotic Shard + 7,127 Glimmer
Helm of Saint-14 Helmet Titan 30/36 Exotic Shard + 7,841 Glimmer
Insurmountable Skullfront Helmet Titan 30/36 Exotic Shard + 7,283 Glimmer
Apotheosis Veil Helmet Warlock 30/36 Exotic Shard + 7,013 Glimmer
Heart of the Praxis Fire Chest Armor Warlock 30/36 Exotic Shard + 7,297 Glimmer
Hard Light Auto Rifle Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,669 Glimmer
Suros Regime Auto Rifle Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,789 Glimmer
Mida Multi-Tool Scout Rifle Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,459 Glimmer
Thorn Hand Cannon Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,673 Glimmer
Plan C Fusion Rifle Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,187 Glimmer
Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,933 Glimmer
Monte Carlo Auto Rifle Any N/A Exotic Shard + 7,919 Glimmer

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