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Where to Watch The Game Awards 2017

by Bryan Dawson

The annual Game Awards are almost upon us. The official air date is Thursday, December 8, 2017. With the awards show happening so soon, many people have been wondering where to watch The Game Awards. This article not only covers how to watch the Game Awards, but also provides the start time of the Game Awards so you know where and when to watch the ceremony.

Even if you’re not big into awards ceremonies, there are other reasons to tune into the Game Awards broadcast. In previous years there have been numerous game reveals at the Game Awards and this year is shaping up to be no different. According to the people in charge, the 2017 Game Awards will have more reveals than any previous year. At this point it’s amost akin to watching an E3 or Gamescom press conference with some awards thrown in between reveals. So let’s get right to it and show you how to watch the Game Awards.

How to Watch

As with any modern gaming event, you can watch the Game Awards for free on a number of different platforms. Whether you’re watching on TV, your computer or your phone, there are a wide variety of outlets that will be broadcasting the Game Awards. You can find a complete list and links (where applicable) to each one below.

Stream Links

Game Awards Start Time

City / Region Start Time

11:30 AM

Brazil 11:30 PM

9:30 AM


10:30 AM

New York 8:30 PM

1:30 AM

Los Angeles 5:30 PM

3:30 AM

Be sure to check out the Prima Games YouTube channel for all the biggest trailer reveals from the Game Awards!