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Weezer World now available in Fortnite Creative

by Prima Games Staff

Epic Games confirmed that “Weezer World” is now available in Fortnite Creative. Not only is the island designed around Weezer, it also has tunes from the band’s brand new album playing from a jukebox in the background. 

For those unfamiliar with Fortnite Creative, it’s a sandbox mode recently added to the game that lets players freely craft and create on their own personal island. With the ability to save your builds, you have more time to work on bigger projects.

Friends can be invited to help you out, and weapons can be spawned in case you want to partake in a custom match in and around the structures you’ve built in Fortnite Creative. In regards to Weezer World itself, it’s set up like an elaborate Fortnite Creative design. 

However, it’s a separate entity in that it offers challenges and fun mini games. As a whole, fans of Weezer will certainly appreciate the addition in Fortnite as the island is essentially a small theme park dedicated to the band. 

For Fortnite players, visiting Weezer World can potentially help spark new ideas for your next Creative build, and is a great way to pass the time between heated battle royale matches. With the launch of Season 8 in Fortnite, we anticipate there will be even more fun surprises like Weezer World added in the future!

Prima Games Staff

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