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Watch Dogs Legion At E3 2019: Gameplay And Release Date

by John Cooper

The Ubisoft conference has been bringing the heat, and while a few things leaked ahead of time, that does nothing to stop the hype. That’s right, with Watch Dogs, all things Tom Clancy, and a heap of other titles to look at, Ubisoft is doing rather well at the moment. The show kicked off with the Assassin’s Creed symphony playing us all in while we watched some of the classic AC gameplay. Honestly, a very classy opening for an E3 2019 conference. 


Things kicked off with a post-Brexit London in Watch Dogs Legion a London at the hands of extremists and under some kind of martial law. The narrator has a gruff cockney accent and is talking of the power of unity and bringing everyone together you get to see just how the new recruitment mechanic works. The game itself looks beautiful, and as Ian walks through the streets of London, we get to see him analyzing the ordinary folk to try and find the right person for the job.

The job in question is trying to get rid of drones, and eventually, you can track the right person down. It’s at this point that our protagonist reveals himself as Dedsec and starts a brawl with the mercenaries in the street. Once the carnage Ian has caused has caught up with him, it skips to a character select screen where you then take control of a lovely old woman who just happens to be a military grade hacker. 

It looks like everyone has a huge array of skills to take advantage of and the ability to play as anyone is undoubtedly enticing. There even appears to be reactive cutscenes and storytelling depending on who you are playing as and also what’s happened so far. Watch Dogs 2 was excellent, but this looks like a different beast entirely. It’s coming to us March 6th, 2020. 

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