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Watch Dogs 2 Officially Unveiled, Coming This November

by Prima Games Staff

When it came out a couple of years ago, Watch Dogs ushered in a great new technological revolution for games, letting you create chaos with Aiden Pearce with just a push of a button. Well, leave it to Ubisoft to up its own ante.

The publisher has finally revealed the much-rumored Watch Dogs 2, with a whole new setting – San Francisco – and a new hacker to wreak havoc with – Marcus Halloway. Your main goal is disrupting a large conglomerate by any means necessary, using everything from technological gear to drones to make your point. Of course, you’ll have opposition, but also the means to take care of it.

The debut trailer is below, along with a more extensive look at the city of San Francisco, as well as everything that you can do in it. Boat ride? Sure. Car wreck on the Golden Gate Bridge? Go for it. Petting a dog? Yep. (However, you can’t hack that.)

Watch Dogs 2 will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 15th.


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