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Vinland Saga Episode 18 Delayed for Tournament Airing on NHK

by Ginny Woo

Those waiting eagerly for another dose in Viking anime goodness are going to have to bite back a little bit of disappointment. While the Vinland Saga manga has been kicking around for a bit, the anime aired for the first time in June this year thanks to Wit Studio. It’s now been announced that Vinland Saga Episode 18 has been delayed for a tournament airing on NHK. Unfortunately, this is going to mean sitting on our hands and being patient for a while longer. 

Vinland Saga Episode 18 Delayed for Tournament Airing on NHK

This isn’t the first time that Vinland Saga has been delayed, though we can’t say that the anime’s popularity has suffered for it. Vinland Saga had Episode 10 delayed because of the typhoon that rocked Japan in September, so if you’ve been following this ongoing Norse-tinged shonen saga then this latest wait probably won’t phase you.

This latest delay for Vinland Saga Episode 18 is reportedly because of a tournament airing on NHK. For clarity, this tournament is the World Para Athletics Championship that will be shown during Vinland Saga’s usual time slot. It’s definitely going to be an important broadcast, so we can see why there’s going to be a delay. With only 24 episodes, each individual delay probably packs more of a punch for fans than intended, but it’s only going to be another week’s pushback so we’ll be cheering those para-athletes on in the interim!

Sure, we’re a little bit bummed out about Vinland Saga Episode 18 being delayed especially since we’ve been looking forward to the brewing conflict and Canute’s role, but it’s been confirmed that the episode will air on 17 November so we haven’t got long to wait. Once we clear this episode, it’s only 6 more until everything wraps up for the season so we can expect things to fall into place rather quickly. Want to bet that the fight’s going to take more than one episode a la typical shounen style? We’re thinking at least two. Let us know what you think on Twitter at @PrimaGames.

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