In a new video posted to the Life is Strange YouTube channel, fans eagerly awaiting the release of Life is Strange: True Colors were treated to a full cast reveal. The video itself isn’t long, coming in at just 1 minute and 57 seconds, but it’s nevertheless an awesome little sneak peek into the new Life is Strange game. 

Video Reveals Full Cast of Life is Strange: True Colors 

The Life is Strange games always manage to nail their character writing, with memorable characters found in each game in the franchise. The newest Life is Strange game, True Colors, looks to be no different.

In a video posted to the Life is Strange YouTube channel, viewers are treated to short intros for each of the characters you’ll get to meet in True Colors.

The video also provides names for the voice actors who bring each of these characters to life, so if you were curious about who voices who, we have the full list for you below: 

  • Alex – Erika Mori

  • Gabe – Han Soto

  • Steph – Katy Benz

  • Ryan – Eric Emery

  • Charlotte – Exzinia Scott

  • Riley – Danielle Renee Vivarttas

  • Mac – Dwight Braswell

  • Eleanor – Karen Slack

  • Jed – Stephen F. Austin

  • Ethan – Ignacio Garcia-Canteli

  • ‘Duckie’ – Jim Hunt

  • Diane – Anastasia Davidson

  • Pike – Cody Lyman

  • Valkyrie – Suzu the Cat

Each of the characters look interesting, and we’re looking forward to getting to know them better once Life is Strange: True Colors is released. As of right now, Life is Strange: True Colors is scheduled to release on September 10 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Google Stadia.

For more on Life is Strange: True Colors, be sure to check out the full cast reveal video below, and visit the Life is Strange website where you can pre-order the game right now.

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